Lu Ann Mahiki Lankford-Faborito

Lu Faborito

Lu Faborito, wahine hololio.

Lu Faborito

Lu Faborito

Candidate: Lu Ann Mahiki Lankford-Faborito
‘Aha District: Lualualei, Oahu
Address: P.O. Box 1783, Wai‘anae, HI 96792
Phone: (808) 349-1479

  1. What are your qualifications to be a delegate to the ‘aha?

A native Hawaiian involved in making things happen for all Hawaiians.

  1. How would you characterize the values of your campaign to be elected as a delegate to the ‘aha for example, with aloha, lōkahi, kūpono, etc.?

An individual who is ready to stand up and be counted, making my existence have purpose and matter.

  1. What three components of the constitution are you particularly interested in advocating and why?
  • Recognition for the Native Hawaiian people — it’s overdue
  • Governance — fair and equal standards for all native Hawaiian’s involved
  • Jurisdiction — who and what is included and our immediate kuleana
  1. What governance model will you advocate for?

Maori Jurisprudence

  1. Are you willing to discuss other governance models?


  1. How would the governance model that you choose impact the ali‘i trusts, the Hawaiian Homestead Act, federal contracts made with Native Hawaiian businesses; grants provided by the United States for programs and services to the Native Hawaiian people?

I believe there shouldn’t be any significant impact, those items should remain

  1. In your governance model, would you be inclusive of people other than Native Hawaiians as citizens?

At this time, the Native Hawaiian issue seems to be priority first before any others could be attempted. Need to address the Native Hawaiian issue.

  1. How do you see participation by others in helping the ‘aha on the various aspects of the draft constitution?

Until the Native Hawaiian issue is complete, others who can provide positive, factual, and proven experienced items, could be welcomed and considered, subject to approval by the ‘aha.

  1. Looking ahead, as a delegate to the ‘aha, how would you assure that the governance model ratified by the Native Hawaiian people is implemented and recognized at the state, federal, or international level, as appropriate.

It starts with our unity first among delegates to show that the Native Hawaiians are a people who can work together and be a unified, strong, and cohesive nation so support all.

  1. Why should Native Hawaiians vote for you?

I believe in making things happen in a prudent, tactful, educated way, minus the overwhelming emotionally driven style used to influence the “fear of the unknown” vote.