Frances ‘Rocky’ Kaluhiwa

Rocky Kaluhiwa in parade

Rocky Kaluhiwa, right-front, represents Ko‘olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club in the 2012 Prince Kūhiō Parade.

Rocky Kaluhiwa

Rocky Kaluhiwa

Candidate:  Frances Leialoha “Rocky” Kaluhiwa
‘Aha District:  Mokupuni O‘ahu, Ahupua‘a He‘eia
Address: P. O. Box 4870, Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: (808) 286-7955

  1. What are your qualifications to be a delegate to the ‘aha?

Lifetime experience as a cultural practitioner and service as a grassroots community advocate. In the 1970s, I went out and registered Native Hawaiians on the whole Windward side of O`ahu to prove how many Hawaiians lived in this area to the U.S. government. That data led, in part, to the inclusion of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs as part of the revised Hawaii constitution in 1978.

  1. How would you characterize the values of your campaign to be elected as a delegate to the ‘aha for example, with aloha, lōkahi, kūpono, etc.?

Aloha. Pono. Malama ‘aina and malama kai.

  1. What three components of the constitution are you particularly interested in advocating and why?

Every Hawaiian should have a home. This is our homeland. We should preserve and restore the farms and fishponds (no GMO). Transparency in how our government operates. Ku lokahi kakou – working together.

  1. What governance model will you advocate for?

Whatever is the best package for our people. I have to sit and listen to what’s happening.

  1. Are you willing to discuss other governance models?

I am willing to discuss all models.

  1. How would the governance model that you choose impact the ali‘i trusts, the Hawaiian Homestead Act, federal contracts made with Native Hawaiian businesses; grants provided by the United States for programs and services to the Native Hawaiian people?

I think all of those should remain intact. We need them all to be protected.

  1. In your governance model, would you be inclusive of people other than Native Hawaiians as citizens?


  1. How do you see participation by others in helping the ‘aha on the various aspects of the draft constitution?

We welcome all help.

  1. Looking ahead, as a delegate to the ‘aha, how would you assure that the governance model ratified by the Native Hawaiian people is implemented and recognized at the state, federal, or international level, as appropriate.

I will do my best to advocate for our model – I have fought for the Hawaiian people my whole life.

  1. Why should Native Hawaiians vote for you?

Because I will fight for them, always did and always will fight for Hawaiian rights.