Annelle Amaral

Annelle Amaral

Annelle Amaral volunteers at ‘Onipa‘a, ‘Iolani Palace.

Annelle Amaral

Annelle Amaral

Candidate: Annelle Amaral
‘Aha District: O‘ahu
Address: P.O. Box 1135 Honolulu, Hi 96807
Phone: (808) 753-1985

  1. What are your qualifications to be a delegate to the ‘aha?

I am the President of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, a former member of the House of Representatives, a former Deputy Director of OHA, the Affirmative Action Coordinator for Gov. Ariyoshi, a former Police Officer for HPD. I have a substantive history of advocacy for Native Hawaiians, women, elders, members of protected classes of individuals…a history of advocacy for people without a voice and power.

  1. How would you characterize the values of your campaign to be elected as a delegate to the ‘aha for example, with aloha, lōkahi, kūpono, etc.?

The greatest values is justice, power to the people, representational democracy….and the need to create a future for Native Hawaiians…through education, advocacy, and economic development to support the indigenous people of Hawaii.

  1. What three components of the constitution are you particularly interested in advocating and why?
    1. Executive: identifying the powers of the executive branch to protect wahi pana, rights for the kanaka maoli, health and human services, housing for kanaka maoli;
    2. Judiciary: assurance of redress, protection of the rights of the people; and
    3. Legislative: assurance of the development of and protection for laws for the people of Hawai‘i
  2. What governance model will you advocate for?

Nation within a Nation.

  1. Are you willing to discuss other governance models?


  1. How would the governance model that you choose impact the ali‘i trusts, the Hawaiian Homestead Act, federal contracts made with Native Hawaiian businesses; grants provided by the United States for programs and services to the Native Hawaiian people?

Nation within a nation assures the protection of Hwn. Homes Act, federal contracts, grants for NHs etc.

  1. In your governance model, would you be inclusive of people other than Native Hawaiians as citizens?

No, a native government is for native peoples only…not people without the blood.

  1. How do you see participation by others in helping the ‘aha on the various aspects of the draft constitution?

Participation should be limited to people who are “of the blood” kanaka maoli.

  1. Looking ahead, as a delegate to the ‘aha, how would you assure that the governance model ratified by the Native Hawaiian people is implemented and recognized at the state, federal, or international level, as appropriate.

It depends of the outcome of the Aha.

  1. Why should Native Hawaiians vote for you?

Because I bring extensive experience and a history of support….I will not be deterred from my advocacy for kanaka maoli…for representational democracy…for justice for Native Hawaiians…loud, angry voices…raised fists, threats…do not stop me….we have a right to justice…we have a right to the equality of voices….we can do this….together…please vote for me.